I’m trying to keep adverts for stuff off less-stuff but I do need the site to make enough money to pay for itself. Until I finish the book that is going to be a best seller the site needs sponsors.

So, I’ve carefully chosen affiliates who sell useful things with an eco friendly bias. If you would like to advertise on www.less-stuff.co.uk please contact me


Help customers save money on their gas & electricity and include green energy suppliers, business energy and business phones through a price comparison service. The service is only available for UK addresses. Typical energy savings are £616 for an average house for energy. Businesses can typically cut their bills by 15% – 20% which can often be thousands of pounds.

The service is free of charge, impartial and independent and is certified by ConsumerFocus the regulatory body.



A mouldable glue that sets into rubber, it fixes almost everything!


Thompson and Morgan seeds and plants

Established in 1855, their range now includes over 6,000 plants, bulbs, seeds, fruit, seed potatoes plus many more products.

Preloved Classifieds

Every month Preloved help thousands of our members turn their clutter into cash, and there’s always something interesting, decidedly unusual or downright quirky being advertised for sale – from space hoppers and sailing boats, to classic cars and camping gear.

Mooncup – reusable sanitary protection

Buy one in your thirties and it might last until you don’t need it any more – that is lots less waste than tampons!



Easy time tracking and invoicing. In my real job as a self employed freelance designer I use Paymo to keep track of 40+ clients. Without it I’d be lost!
Paymo Time Tracking