Do the course in your own time

I run the 5 Days of Decluttering most months but if you would prefer to do the course on your own, in your own time, you can buy the books …

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Low Waste Christmas

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Christmas is traditionally a time of giving and of spending time with loved ones. Increasingly over the years it has become more about spending money and it is easy to get drawn into consumerism, spending and even debt.

It doesn’t have to be like that; you can have a really lovely Christmas without spending much at all and the knock-on effect is that it can be better for the environment too.

This book has ideas for easy to make presents and decorations, seasonal activities, lovely ways to connect with your family and friends and will help you prepare for next year too.

“It’s worth buying the book as it’s packed full of good ideas, hints and tips.” Dina







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Why failing is impossible

Next week I have to give a presentation at college. The subject is ‘Failure in Design’. Since we have been told not to discount any of our ideas as rubbish …

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Eco-Friendly Autumn Workbook

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25 Activities to help you have an Eco-Friendly Autumn

5 sections with 5 family friendly activities to help you become more planet friendly this Autumn.

Learn how to Use it, Borrow it, Swap it, Make it and Thrift it with this handy book of worksheets. Each one can be printed individually, or read from a PDF reader if you prefer.





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Not all plastic is rubbish!

There is a lot in the news now about reducing plastic. Terrifying pictures of beaches strewn with litter and animals killed by plastic are all over my Twitter feed. People …

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Sustainable Summer Worksheet Pack

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Enjoy the Summer with a planet friendly idea for every day!

Do you want to live more sustainably but don’t know where to start?

Would you like a whole summers worth of easy, planet friendly ideas to try?

Sustainable Summer has 42 eco-friendly, planet saving worksheets. Try one, try them all, find one that sticks and you are on your way to a Sustainable Summer with this Workbook.

Make it easy with little changes

Enjoy, Create, Save and Share!

This workbook has 42 different ideas, activities, tutorials and recipes to last you the whole summer. Each idea is on an A4 sheet so you can print out the ones you like best. If you don’t want to keep them you can use them as wrapping paper for small presents to get the most out of them.