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How to choose a LED lightbulb

In a nutshell – LED lightbulbs are as versatile as incandescent bulbs, halogen or energy saving bulbs, they last a lot longer than all of those and use less energy. …

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Super easy and quick granola

Delicious for breakfast with yoghurt and apple puree, nice as a topping for crumble too. Not the best breakfast choice if you are trying to keep your carbs and sugar …

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Who wants your old mismatched mugs?

This is a crowd sourced post with loads of amazing ideas from the less-stuff Facebook group. Heather asked “Is there anywhere that appreciates old mugs? They are clean and unchipped …

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Why failing is impossible

Next week I have to give a presentation at college. The subject is ‘Failure in Design’. Since we have been told not to discount any of our ideas as rubbish …

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Eco-Friendly Autumn Workbook

In by Lisa Cole1 Comment

25 Activities to help you have an Eco-Friendly Autumn

5 sections with 5 family friendly activities to help you become more planet friendly this Autumn.

Learn how to Use it, Borrow it, Swap it, Make it and Thrift it with this handy book of worksheets. Each one can be printed individually, or read from a PDF reader if you prefer.





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Not all plastic is rubbish!

There is a lot in the news now about reducing plastic. Terrifying pictures of beaches strewn with litter and animals killed by plastic are all over my Twitter feed. People …

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Books – Hamlet’s Blackberry

Hamlet’s Blackberry is a gentle tour through history and the impact of new technology on each era. Subtitled “a practical philosophy for building a good life in the digital age” …