Decluttering can be easy if you do it in very small chunks. At What a World there are strategies and tools to help you regain control of your life without becoming overwhelmed.

Dive on in and check out the links below or learn more about the 5 Days of Decluttering system here.

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All the books are now pay what you want (apart from the Paperwork course which is £15)- so you can have them for free if you like, pay something, or come back and donate to help keep the site running if you have found them useful.


“I can now look the clutter monsta straight in the eye and feel like a boss!”

“I did Lisa’s declutter course and gained not only strategies and insight but friendships and a feeling of empowerment and control in my life.”

“It’s been brilliant – so simple, but just the kick up the ass I needed”

“Lisa Cole is helpful and encouraging! Loved donating my bag of “stuff”. And that did not include what I threw out or recycled. Great class!”

“The prompts are so practical it’s easy to turn them into a habit – and I’m very non habitual around decluttering!”

“Normally I don’t declutter because I know I will feel like I’m drowning. Not even did I not drown on this course, I actually enjoyed it and had fun.“

“The course provided a painless way in to clearing away the clutter. ”

“Having the group there helped sort out some of my shame and embarrassment. It was great to know I’m not the only one! I feel I’ve now got some handy tools that I can keep using too.”