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Less-stuff is a website about decluttering for people who love stuff. Articles about eco friendly living and money saving strategies sit well with detailed guides to controlling clutter.

Less-stuff readers are mostly UK based. Ages of readers span between 25 to 80 with the majority in their mid 40’s.

Self employed and part time workers make up half the demographic.

80% of less-stuff readers have children, either living at home or recently left for university.

Readers of less-stuff are almost equally divided between men and women.

I am specifically looking for ethical sponsors and advertisers that follow the less stuff ethos. Quality products, money saving gadgets, biodegradable solutions and services that make life easier fit in very well at less-stuff.

If you are a a retailer that sells crafting or cooking products, eco friendly alternatives or you are a professional declutterer, less-stuff readers are your target audience.

Please contact me to discuss if you think you might fit the bill. I can design bespoke graphics for you if needed for an extra cost. I reserve the right to turn down companies or individuals that do not meet the ethical criteria of the site.

Sponsored Posts, Giveaways & Product Reviews

A post tailored to bring out the best in your product or service. 5 shares on Twitter and Facebook in the month after publication. 12 further shares to Twitter and Facebook for the year after publication. £100

I work hard for my sponsors and use every opportunity to mention them in social media.


In the footer, sidebar or in post. £10 a month with no ongoing contract. You will also be thanked as a sponsor in the less-stuff newsletter that goes out every other month.
Please contact me to discuss how we can work together at

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The stats are impressive since the launch of less-stuff in October 2016

Pageviews 6,986
Mar 1–31, 2018 

Users 3,796
Mar 1–31, 2018

Bounce Rate 8.35%
Apr 6–12, 2018

Social Media followers April 2018:

Twitter 2500
4.3K impressions per day (March/April)

Facebook page 279

Facebook closed group 826

Instagram 300

Pinterest 20k monthly viewers

I set up a YouTube channel in April 2018.

Over 4000 social media followers with top tweets gaining 124.6K impressions over the last 28 day period on Twitter

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Who is less-stuff?

Lisa Cole

Lisa is a graphic and website designer with 14 years experience blogging and building a tribe.

In her previous role as Lisa Lactivist she was interviewed in the Guardian and on the BBC World Service as well as many other national and smaller publications.

Lisa has extensive experience of writing for web and print and her graphic and website skills make her articles stand out with shareable content.

When she isn't working, Lisa lives the less-stuff lifestyle and can often be found preserving seasonal fruit or working out ways to use up the last bit of fabric from a sewing project.

She knits socks compulsively.