plastic free july week 2

Plastic Free July Week 2 – What is in the bin? #pfjuk

Week 2 of Plastic Free July Is it only 2 weeks? It feels like a lifetime of battling to be plastic free already! This week the bag for landfill is bigger than last week. The cats needed worming, they finished a big bag of catfood, I sorted out a kitchen drawer and got rid of some rubbish and my son ...
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bicarbonate of soda

Bicarb the wonder salt – Plastic Free July Day 13 #pfjuk

Bob Roland: Message from the front, sir. Rufus T. Firefly: Oh, I'm sick of messages from the front. Don't we ever get a message from the side? - What is it? Bob Roland: General Smith reports a gas attack. He wants to know what to do. Rufus T. Firefly: Tell him to take a teaspoonful of bicarbonate of soda and ...
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citric acid descaler

Citric acid works better than kettle descaler – Plastic Free July Day 12 #pfjuk

This week in Plastic Free July I swapped my sachets of descaler for citric acid, which works better and comes in a cardboard box. If this was a site without ethics the title would be 'she added citric acid to her kettle and you will never guess what happened next." Guess what? The limescale just flaked off and I could ...
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Cloth wipes

5 Things you need to buy to reduce your family’s plastic consumption #pfjuk

Plastic Free July Themed guest post by Arabella from Exeter Baby Activities. Arabella writes about crafts with kids, cooking, growing and other eco-friendly things that are useful to people outside of Exeter too - check out her Mummy Musings. Spending to save money Treading lightly is all about reducing the number of things we buy.  Decluttering gently to minimise ...
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food label safety

Declutter your leftovers into something delicious

If you have lots of odds and ends in your food cupboards and fridge this decluttering prompt will give you ideas to use them up. You might find it helpful to look at the Food and Drink prompt first so you can identify food you really just don't like first. There is no point trying to make something lovely out ...
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How to make reusable wax cloth alternative to cling film

In a nutshell - Step by step easy instructions to make your own waxed fabric. It can be used instead of cling film to keep food fresh. Last year I traded my graphic design skills for some lovely goodies from Boobalou. You can read about how much I love their reusable bottles if you like, it's been almost 4 months ...
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Image taken from

Optimal Living Daily – little podcasts with lots of useful info

In a nutshell - Optimal Living Daily is a series of podcasts about productivity, health, finance and business. They saves you the bother of hunting out the very best authors who are read daily in short bursts. If you are at all interested in learning new ways to manage your time and life better, then I totally recommend the OLD ...
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Less waste – An A-Z of leftover food ideas.

In a nutshell - in the spirit of less waste the less-stuff Facebook group came up with lots of ideas for using up lefovers. They vary from vegan to meaty but can all be adapted to suit what you have.  My plan for using up leftovers is usually heavily reliant on having a blender. I've a stick blender which can ...
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little calm space challenge

Little Calm Space Challenge #calmspace

In a nutshell - the idea is to spend occasional 5 minutes creating little calm spaces wherever we are. They can be tiny spaces, but they need to exude calm! This little challenge is inspired by the less-stuff Facebook group. We were chatting about what helps us when we get overwhelmed by clutter and don't know where to start, and ...
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Living lagom and making draft excluders

In a nutshell - as part of the Ikea LiveLAGOM project we were invited to make draft excluders from fabric scraps. Here are the instructions for a double one that moves with your door. There are huge gaps under the door of my living room. It is a rickety Victorian house with no right angles and lots of drafts. It ...
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