No More Instant: Three Ways To Make Amazing Coffee

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For a lot of people in the modern world, the idea of starting the day without a hot cup of coffee is an unthinkable one. This brown, beany brew helps a lot of people get the kick they need to power through without quite enough sleep, and a lot of people aren’t drinking the good stuff. Instant blends are often far more bitter than good coffee should be, lacking the complex and rich flavors you get with something better. To help you to improve this part of your life, this post will be exploring some of the best coffee options on the market.


Sometimes, it’s best to keep it simple, and a cafetiere could suit all of your needs without any trouble. Without the need for filters or external power, this sort of option is very economical, as long as you’re able to boil water. It doesn’t take much longer to use an option like this over instant blends. Even when brewing a large amount, most cafetieres will reach a good stage after about ten minutes.

Filter Coffee Machines:

For those looking for something a little fancier, a filter coffee machine offers some surprising benefits. Modern examples are able to control the temperature of the water they use, giving you the chance to tailor your coffee to match your perfect drinking temperature. Often equipped with a hot plate, this is the best way to make one coffee to last the entire day, as nothing will get cold. This is a great option for those without the time to deal with a cafetiere.

Stove Top Espresso:

The iconic Italian design of stove top espresso makers might be a little intimidating. In reality they are quick and easy to use. They usually split into 3 sections. The base holds the water, a middle section holds the coffee and when put on the heat, the water is forced through the coffee into the jug section. You can often find stove top espresso machines in charity shops, just check that the seals are intact. You will be able to make coffee to the sort of standards you’d expect at a reasonable coffee shop.

Getting Your Fix:

One of the best things about being a coffee drinker is the array of different varieties you have to try throughout your life. Websites like can make this sort of work much easier, giving you the chance to enroll on subscription systems which will give you different products each month. This is an excellent way to get yourself trying new blends as often as possible. Along with this, it can also help to make sure that you always have enough coffee in the cupboard.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the morning coffees you consume. Going to a coffee shop each day will slowly start to cost a small fortune, especially if you do it for a couple of years. This money doesn’t have to be spent, though, if you’re willing to compromise and have coffee which you make at home. With the right dedication, you may be able to achieve a truly great cup of coffee.

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