Declutter crockery the easy way

Crockery and Cutlery

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Declutter crockery the easy way
There is a theory that if you have less dishes you do less washing up. I’m not sure that is true but I do know that I generally don’t need more than 6 plates. I can always get paper plates (which my compost bin will love) if I have a party or a barbeque.

I am drawn towards vintage crockery, it is one of the things I love in life but sometimes I have to go through my collection and work out if it’s really needed and liked. It’s really easy to hold onto things just because they are part of a set, even if they are broken and useless. It’s sometimes worth looking at ebay for replacements if you have a nice set.

Ask yourself:

  • Are they cracked?
  • Are they chipped?
  • Are they ugly?
  • Are they so delicate I never use them?

With crockery ask yourself:

  • Do I have loads of them?
  • Does it work (bendy forks are a waste of time!)
  • Do I like it?
  • Do I mind that it’s difficult to clean?

Other things to look out for:

  • Are your knives all worth keeping? Are some bendy and blunt?
  • How many mugs do you need? Can you get rid of some that are chipped or cracked or just plain ugly?
  • Do you bake a lot? If so, are all your baking trays usable or have some rusted too much?
  • If you don’t bake much do you need all those tins?
  • How many wooden spoons and spatulas do you actually use and need?

If you are not sure about parting with something put it in a different box and remove it from the kitchen for a month or so. If you miss it, let it back, if you don’t miss it then you can say goodbye.

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Happy decluttering!

Focus on the kitchen

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