paperwork_advertIs your paperwork out of control?

Can you find important documents when you need them?

In just 5 days you could have an easy to run filing system for both your work and home life.

“I am a self confessed paperwork hater, but ignoring it doesn’t make it go away… so I tried the What a World: 5 days of de-cluttering e-course. After 5 days and about four hours work I have a simplified filing system and some good habits established to help me keep paper under control. My head feels clearer and paperwork is no longer a chore”

This eCourse takes you through 5 gentle stages to paperwork control in an easy way.

You will get

  • A daily email with clear instructions and achievable goals
  • Printable worksheets for each day to help you make the right decisions
  • And a bonus eBook containing all the material from your course

You will learn

  • How to identify paper you really need to keep
  • How to set up an easy to use filing system for work and financial records
  • How to make it easy to find those bits of paper you keep for ‘one day because they are useful’
  • How to set up a really simple system to keep it under control
  • How to get into the habit of filing painlessly

If you follow the instructions and make some time to do this course I promise you it will work.

If you work from home, are a member of any groups, subscribe to magazines or even just get the occasional Saturday paper it is really easy to collect a huge amount of paperwork in a very short time. If you have piles of paper all over the place this method will work for you. If you have a vague filing system in place already, these 5 days will help you knock it into shape.

In 5 days you could go from this


to this


without getting stressed out, anxious or worried.

Soon after you sign up for this course you will get an email with your first task so you need to be ready before you sign up.

You will need:

  1. Time – depending on the amount of paperwork you have this could take you from half an hour to 3 hours a day (split into half hour chunks)
  2. A space big enough to gather all your paperwork in one place where it will not be disturbed for 5 days. If this is impossible then you will need 3 large boxes.
  3. Something to file into – you will be sorting your papers into easy to find categories so you will need files and somewhere to put them when it is all finished.

What your filing system looks like in the end is totally up to you. Personally I favour metal box files, you can usually get them for less than £20. All the images are from the Staples website, cheaper versions are always available, try Poundland and Wilkos. Or you can always recycle something else you have at home already.

Are you ready to go?

The cost of the course is £15.

Pay here through PayPal and after payment you will be directed to a page to sign up to the emails.
You will have to check your email to confirm subscription and soon after the first task will be in your inbox!

I will not add you to any other mailing list or give your email address away.