Lisa ColeI’m Lisa Cole, a self employed single mum who likes making things, including a mess. My house isn’t a minimalistic white blur, it’s a real, lived in home and this website is all about how I live a relatively organised life in a chaotic world. It’s about how I manage the time I have (which is limited because childcare is not on tap), it’s about how I stay sane and it’s mostly about how I control the amount of stuff in my home. I like stuff but I also like to be able to find it when I need it!

I’m a graphic and website designer and I also craft – you can see my work at and my personal blog (there is swearing) at I’m a human being, I’m not pretending to be a guru, I’m not a life coach and I’m not a genius at downsizing but I have found things that work for me that could well work for you. My priorities for my little family is make life easy without austerity.

I share the most useful things I find on less-stuff and when appropriate I’ll share them in small chunks of information so you won’t have to sift through reams of stuff to find what you need.

We have a lovely friendly community on Facebook if you want to meet other like minded folks.