Do you find yourself checking Facebook when you wake up? When you go to bed? At every break time? When you are waiting for something?

Do you feel it’s taking over your life just a little too much?

Would you like to see what it’s like without it?

This video shows how the need to always be online shares similarities in the brain with other forms of addiction. It is important for us to break that addiction every now and then.

5 Days of Facebook Freedom is a free e-course from What a World that will help you get a break from Facebook.

Each day you will get an email which links to a page of links and videos to keep you amused and away from Facebook for 5 days. You can start anytime you like, the only rule is that you can’t discuss it on Facebook while you are doing it!

Before you start it is important to Facebook proof yourself:

  • Check Facebook for birthdays and events for the coming 5 days and make a note of any important ones.
  • You can still use Messenger without using Facebook itself but if you use Facebook chat and will NEED to speak to people make sure you have their email addresses or phone numbers.
  • Check your phone, tablet, camera and computer and make sure you are logged out of Facebook on each one.
  • Consider using a different browser than your usual one for a week so that Facebook is not bookmarked. Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer all do the job.
  • Consider blocking Facebook if you think it’s going to be difficult for you. Leechblock is for Firefox, Cold Turkey is a similar programme for Windows and Self Control is for Macs.
  • Warn people you will not be around for 5 days. Make sure they can contact you if they need to, and you want them to!
  • Feel free to use the cover picture (right click and save as then upload to your Facebook profile) so people know what you are up to.


Are you ready? Sign up here and expect your first email within the hour.

I will not add your email address to any other mailing list but I’ll give you the option to get news from What a World at the end of the course.

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