pay_400Any money donated for the 5 Days of Decluttering Course or purely because you like this website help me to produce more materials to make the next course better and to write more useful stuff.

The money you tip will go towards paying for the cost of keeping the site running, hosting and domain name payments, time spent updating and writing materials, time spent developing the printable PDF’s, the emails, my support and words of encouragement in the Facebook group.

I estimate it takes me 12 hours to run every course and that includes writing new prompts, writing and scheduling emails, designing PDF printables and supporting in the Facebook group when needed.

No amount is too small and every penny is put to good use.

However, if you donate less than 20p I will be paying paypal more than that in fees so please bear that in mind!

Think of it as decluttering your Paypal account 🙂


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